Her Majesty's Roses "Rosie"
By Simply Majestic Out Of Roses Are Blue
Foal Date: 7/2/09
Rider: Anita Britton
Class: Three-Gaited Park
A Rift In Time "Rift"
By My Magical Moment Out Of African Ultra Violet
Foal Date: 5/4/06
Rider: Lauren Grant
Class: Jr. Exhibitor Three Gaited Show Pleasure 14-17

Show Horses

 Wingswept Farm
WCC CH Soquili's Curious George "George"
By Undulata's Nutcracker Out Of Callaway's Baby Blue
Foal Date: 3/12/09
Rider: Alex Rudder
Class: 3-Gaited, Jr. Exhibitor 14-17
My Bewitching Heir "Salem"
By Charmed And Bewitched Out Of Elegant Heirloom
Foal Date: 6/30/12
Rider: Anna Johnson
Class: Country Pleasure
Hollywood Is Nuts "Holly"
By Undulata's Nutcracker Out Of CH Hollywood Scandal
Foal Date: 5/25/10
Rider: Caroline Katko
Class: Jr. Exhibitor Three Gaited 13 and Under
RWC Roxie In Vegas "Roxie"
By Northern Vegas Out Of Miss Roxie Hart
Foal Date: 6/19/11
Rider: Haily Miller
Class: Five-Gaited Jr. Exhibitor
Courageous Warrior "Gator"
By (SA) Dorian Warriors Song Out Of CH So Audacious
Foal Date: 2/5/10
Rider: Rebecca Currey
Class: Jr. Exhibitor Five-Gaited Show Pleasure

CH Miner's Blessing "Miner"

By Samur Out Of Marmalady

Foal Date: 3/21/2008

Rider: Haily Miller

Class: Three Gaited Park, Jr. Exhibitor

Writer's Block "Tolkien"
By Cloverleaf Freedom Writer Out Of Callaway's Belle Decaramac
Foal Date: 4/19/11
Rider: Natalie Sams
Class: Three-Gaited Show Pleasure
Jimmy John "JJ"
By Tango's Parting Kiss Out Of Why Do You Love Me
Foal Date: 4/22/09
Rider: Savannah Scarberry
Class: Jr. Exhibitor 5-Gaited Show Pleasure 17 & Under
RWC CH G.V. Silver Oak "Prince"
By Gothic Revival Out Of Radiant Talent
Foal Date: 4/28/08
Rider: Sommer Justice
Class: Jr. Exhibitor Three-Gaited Country Pleasure 14-17