Wingswept Farm

We have over 25 lesson horses.  Here are a few of them​.

Nina (Changing Colours)

Nina is an American Saddlebred mare. She is owned and loved by Laurie Brock (pictured).

Moe (Belcavallo Wishescometrue)

This bay Morgan is an almost perfect match in size and color to the beloved queen of the farm, Aquarian. 


Jack is an American Quarter Horse.  Kind and agreeable, he is a favorite among our beginner riders.

Izzy (Totally Irresistible)

Izzy is an American Saddlebred mare. She is owned and loved by Haily Miller.

CLo (Crazy Love)

CLo (SEE-lo) is an American Saddlebred mare.  She is a favorite of all of our riders.

Aquarian (Centauri's One And Only)

Aquarian is a Morgan mare. She has competed in many disciplines including saddleseat, hunter under saddle and over fences, and western. She enjoys teaching the youngest riders and demands lots of treats!

Meet Our Lesson Horses

Telly (Wingswept No Tellen)

Telly is a Morgan mare.  She is the daughter of Aquarian.

Lilly (Briarhill's Easter Lilly)

Lilly is an American Saddlebred mare. She is very popular with riders of all ages and as been shown in performance as well as academy.

Larry (Walterway's Spin The Bottle)

Larry is an American Saddlebred palomino gelding. This pretty boy has won many blue ribbons at both academy and intercollegiate shows. He even has his own Facebook page!

Darcy (Xcite)

Darcy is an American Saddlebred mare who began her show career at Louisville in the

3 year old 3-gaited division. She has been shown successfully in both performance and equitation.  

Amy (Amazing Amy)

Amy is an American Saddlebred mare.

She is popular with our intermediate and advanced riders.  She is owned and loved by Linda Lowary.

Cosmo (King Crimson)

Cosmo is a 5-gaited American Saddlebred gelding.

Rose (Heirrestible Rose)

Rose is an American Saddlebred. She teaches both beginners and advanced riders and is a favorite among many.

Tina (CH Tipitina)

Tina is American Saddlebred mare. She earned her championship status in the 3-gaited division and has won top ribbons in all the major horse shows in 3-gaited, pleasure, and equitation. She is popular with riders of all ages and frequently nickers for peppermints.

Glory (Gypsy's Glory Blue)

Gypsy is an American Saddlebred mare. She lost an eye prior to coming to Wingswept, but it doesn't slow her down. She is a fun ride for all ages.